Loving your bike: taking care of your bike

Every bike deserves some tender loving care to keep it in shape and enjoy a smooth ride. During the cold, rainy months it is especially important to keep your bike in top shape; a well-loved bike can take you on your biggest, best adventures. Following are a few tips, so you can enjoy that smooth rideyou know the one where you feel you have conquered the world in one single ride.

On a weekly basisespecially during the winter, it is important to inspect and clean your bike. When you inspect your bike, check the ABC’s:

  • “A” is for air: Before you embark on the next adventure, check your tire pressure and inflate per the recommended PSI printed on the tire (don’t get stranded in the middle of your adventure, because that would be sad).
  • “B” is for brakes: Test your brakes before the adventure. It’s important and a great safety check to test your brakes—both front and rear. Do a visual inspection to ensure the brakes work and have plenty of rubber left on the pads.
  • “C” is for chains: Checking your chain is as equally important as checking your brakes and tires. Keep chains clean and lubricated every couple of weeks—especially in the winter. Using the right chain lube is important; use chain-specific lube, not WD-40. Confused by all the options? Check with you local bike shop!

Black jacket with belt riding a bicycle.

Riding in the rain can be adventurous AND pleasant, but muddy and gravel-lined streets are a fact this time of year. Cleaning your bike should be fun task and not a chore. Use rags and proper cleaning equipment, such as soap, water and bike degreaser. On a long-term basis, your bike deserves professional maintenance. Take your bike to the local bike shop; it’s convenient and you support local businesses. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, please love and take care of your bike. The more love you put into your bike, the more your bike will love you back!

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