Street Trust Board Announces Leadership Transition

Statement by Justin Yuen, Board Chair

The Board of Directors of The Street Trust (formerly the Bicycle Transportation Alliance) announced today that Rob Sadowsky will be stepping down as Executive Director, effective immediately. The Board has asked Stephanie Noll, the former Deputy Executive Director of The Street Trust, to step in as interim head of the organization and has launched a national search for the organization’s next executive director.

The Board of Directors expects the search process to take several months; during that time, Noll will guide the organization through the transition and ensure that our critical work educating and advocating for walking, biking and riding transit.

Rob provided excellent leadership at the BTA when we needed it most, providing five years of stability and guiding us through the mission expansion process to becoming the Street Trust. We know that he is ready for his next challenge and is ready to pass the reins of Street Trust to our next leader as we begin the next chapter of our work.

The Board and staff of The Street Trust remain deeply committed to the long-term vision of building a place that embraces biking, walking and transit for all those that call our region home. All of us want safe, healthy streets for our kids, our aging parents and our families, and as community leaders, we are well aware that we have much work to do if we’re going to get there. We look forward to working with community and philanthropic partners, local governments and most importantly, our members, to create safe and healthy streets for all.


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