New Year, New Name!

Happy New Year! With a new year, we’re finally ready to reveal our new brand: the Bicycle Transportation Alliance has rebranded itself as The Street Trust. New year, new name, new tagline, new look…we’re starting 2017 off with a big bang!

Introducing The Street Trust
The region is growing dramatically, and the safety concerns of bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders are increasing because we’re not seeing enough investment in complete streets – accessible sidewalks, protected bike lanes, well-­designed streets and crossings. We have officially expanded into the areas of walking and transit to help broaden our voice, gain new allies in reaching our overall goals, and to effectively win complete streets for all.

As our region grows, it is clear we need to invest in transportation options that are safe, healthy, accessible and affordable. These options should promote physical activity, social interaction, equity and environmental stewardship. A broader vision and a united voice will help us win more funding for improving our streets and trail systems for all users – people who drive, use transit, walk and bike.

As we announced last summer, we expanded our mission to include walking and transit advocacy. The Street Trust is currently a 501(c)3 non­profit. Later this year, we will add a 501(c)4 and explore adding an affiliated Political Action Committee to be more engaged in issues and candidate elections. These new entities are critical to our long­-term success in delivering on our mission: 

“We advocate for healthy and thriving communities where it is safe and easy for people to bike, walk, and ride public transit.”

Housekeeping Notes
With our new name and rebrand comes a few housekeeping notes. First off, check out our updated website, which is still under construction; please be patient with us as we update all references of  the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

To support the new name and rebrand, all of our social media handles will be updated as well. If you’re already following us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you will be automatically be redirected to The Street Trust (new universal handle: @thestreettrust). If you’re a member of the Women Bike Facebook group or follow along on Twitter, that handle is now @WomenBikeOR.

More changes are coming, and we’re excited to share more with our supporters. Please keep an eye out for an email, blog post and social media updates next week – when we’ll share with you our goals for 2017!

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