Update from our Executive Director


No one ever said that fighting for the things we believe in was going to be easy. Today, it’s important to remember that we don’t fight alone, and we need to offer love and support to our friends, as we work to build a world that reflects our values.

Unpacking the results of Tuesday’s election, and how it will impact transportation, is going to take some time. We need to take stock—as an organization, a community, and as a movement—on what happened and where we go next. It’s clear that we must continue to work together locally to achieve our shared vision for regional transportation.

We are grateful for the amazing work done by our friends at Oregon Walks, the Community Cycling Center, OPAL Environmental Justice, the Welcome Home Coalition, Community Alliance of Tenants, APANO, Street Roots, Bike Portland, BikeLoudPDX, Better Block PDX, ROSE Community Development, the Rosewood Initiative, and so many others.

Let’s celebrate the victories! People in Tigard voted in support of extending light rail into their community. People in Portland voted in support of affordable housing. People across the region voted in support of protecting our natural areas. And, Oregonians across the state elected the nation’s first openly LGBTQ governor, Kate Brown!

Now, more than ever, is a time to support one another and build for the future with compassion and love. While some might focus on the politics of hate and fear, we can’t address our challenges while tearing others down. We absolutely can build power—together—and win victories for safe streets.

What can you do? Take a deep breath. Take solace. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Go for a bike ride, a walk or a hike; give space to share differences; call your people, and let them know you love them; listen. Do not retreat. Do not despair. Do not tear other people down.

Here at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance—as we transition into The Street Trust—we will carry these lessons forward. We know what it means to see our community come together in support of shared beliefs and what it means to provide people with more choices for how they get around.

We are all in this together. Keep fighting with us to heal, move forward, and build a shared vision.

In solidarity,

Rob Sadowsky, Executive Director
The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (soon to be The Street Trust)


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