Women Bike Roll Model: Keyonda McQuarters

Keyonda McQuartersKeyonda McQuarters believes her bike is essential to her well being. “Riding my bike is how I relax. It’s my sanity. It helps me do things with my family, and keeps us active as a family, which I think is really important.” Keyonda has been riding her bike consistently for about a year and half. She’s had a bike all her life, grew up riding, but along the way biking got lost amongst her friends and family. She and her husband previously lived in Chicago where they began biking as a family. Now in Portland, she tries to get out three to five times a week. In August 2016, her six year old daughter learned to ride her bike. “She rode everyday for six days and then she rode 3.5 miles during Bridge Pedal, across both the Tilikum Crossing and Hawthorne bridges. Now my three year old wants to ride her push bike everywhere and hates the trailer.”

Keyonda recently took over managing the Black Girls Do Bike: Portland Facebook group and is excited to join the Roll Model program. When asked why she wants to help get more women, especially women of color, riding she says, “I want to change the narrative of biking and what it looks like. Biking has been good to me so it’s something I want to share. If you see people that look like you riding, then you will ride.” Keyonda has already made a great impact with the Black Girls Do Bike group. She holds two rides a week, a mid-week ride and then a Saturday ride, and she rides all over the region, focusing on beginner neighborhood rides. “I am really excited to just get more women out biking. Plus I’d love to see them mentor someone else once they get comfortable riding.” Keyonda also hopes to change the perception that you need a fancy new bike to ride and wants to help women understand that the best bike for them is the bike they have access to. 

Keyonda’s advice for new riders: RIDE! “Just get out and ride. It’s the same advice I give my kids. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the better you become.”

Keyonda lives in Happy Valley with her husband and three children and loves getting out on her bike with them as much as she can. If you’d like Keyonda’s help getting in the saddle you can email her here. You can also join the Black Girls Do Bike: Portland Facebook group here.



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