Women Bike Roll Model: Cat Caperello

Cat CapelleroCat Caperello is a daily bike commuter and has been consistently riding for the past seven years. She began riding mostly for her health. “When I began riding I was 120 pounds heavier,” she says. “Biking helps address weight loss and [the] depression I was suffering, and the economic benefits also helped.” Today Cat uses a bike as her primary mode of transportation. She notes that she and her wife have a car, but she usually opts for the bike most days.

This year Cat also started a podcast called Joyride, with a mission to share women’s stories about biking. The podcast interviews women across the country about how biking fits in their lives and the barriers they have faced with biking. “Barriers exist, but they are not necessarily all real barriers, they have been constructed for us. Sharing more stories helps broaden possibilities. We see ourselves in each other’s stories, and I want to highlight what women are doing on two wheels.”

Cat is excited to share the benefits of biking she has experienced with others through the Roll Model program. “I believe in the transformative power of riding a bike and I want more women to have access to that power. I think it makes the world a better place.” Cat is excited to meet women where they are at in their relationship to biking, help them gain confidence to access the power biking brings, and go through that process with her protégés. “I’m excited to witness the moment they uncover the fun-ness of biking. I want to help them realize they can do it, whatever ‘it’ is. Crossing the Broadway bridge, getting groceries, or simply riding.”

Cat’s advice to new riders: Be patient and shift. She recognizes that biking is a lifestyle and you need to be patient about building up to new experiences with your bike. Also, learn how the gears on your bike work and use them. “When you know when and why to shift, it makes biking so much better.”

Cat lives in St. John’s and is excited to mentor women that live in northern Portland neighborhoods. She is also an avid bike camper and is happy to mentor or simply give advice to women who are excited about trying biking overnights for the first time. Contact Cat here.



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