The 2016 Walk+Bike Challenge Winners!

26506774340_75a66a1e71_zThe 2016 Walk+Bike Challenge challenged kids, parents, and school staff to try walking and biking to school during the month of May. The 2016 Walk+Bike Challenge raked in 159 participating schools! This year, kids all over the state put their feet to the pavement or bike pedals to log over 51,722  active trips to or from school!

This year’s Challenge winners will receive 100 Walk+Bike heat changing pencils, 10 Walk+Bike bandanas, and Chipotle gift cards to celebrate their success in encouraging an active, healthy communities!

And the 2016 winners are…

ODOT Region 1 Winners

  1. Highest percentage: Teresa Kubo, Bilquist Elementary School, Milwaukie, OR
  2. We see your efforts: Hoa Nguyen, Jason Lee School, Portland, OR

ODOT Region 2 Winners

  1. Highest percentage: Mimi Scott, Ridgeline Montessori, Eugene OR
  2. We see your efforts: Norrene Walters, Cascade Middle School, Eugene, OR

ODOT Region 3 Winners

  1. Highest percentage: John Buckley, Rogue River Elementary, Rogue River, OR
  2. We see your efforts: Blaine Picket, Helman School, Ashland, OR

ODOT Region 4 Winners

  1. Highest percentage: Ben Baxter, High Lakes, Bend, OR
  2. We see your efforts: Paul Trendler, Pacific Crest Middle School, Bend, OR

ODOT Region 5 Winners

  1. Highest percentage: Rosie Macias, Umatilla Morrow Head Start, Irrigon, OR
  2. We see your efforts: Kellan Jackson, Umatilla Morrow Head Start, Freewater, OR


The BTA’s Annual Walk+Bike program is the largest program of the kind in the country and is one of the only ones that caters to the entire state. The program promotes parents, teachers, and community members to encourage active lifestyles to children starting from an early age.



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