Walk+Bike Challenge Event Recap: Liberty Elementary

W+B LibertyOn Friday, May 22nd, Liberty Elementary in Tillamook, Oregon decided to ramp up their Walk+Bike Challenge by hosting their own Walk+Bike event. The event was a total hit and had 95% of students participate by walking and biking to school that day! W+B Tillamook 2One main challenge Liberty Elementary faces when encouraging more students to walk and bike to school is that a large majority of kids take the bus to school due its rural location. But Kathi Stotts, Walk+Bike Challenge Coordinator for Liberty Elementary, didn’t want these kids to miss out on the fun so they planned ahead. To make sure these kids were able to participate, they had the bus stop a few blocks ahead and had teachers walk groups up the street. Judging by these pictures and the amount of smiling kids walking and biking to school, we’d say this Walk+Bike Challenge event was a success! Keep up the good work, Liberty Elementary!

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