Five Reasons to Track for the Walk+Bike Challenge

Tomorrow kicks off Walk+Bike Challenge month! Have you registered your school? The Walk + Bike Challenge is a friendly competition aimed at encouraging more kids and families to walk and bike to and from school and throughout their neighborhoods. Below are five GREAT reasons why you should register your school and track kids’ walking and biking trips for the month of May!

  1. Tracking on a weekly basis will enter you in weekly prize drawings! Use the prizes to give out to participating students.
  2. Studies show that kids that get regular physical activity perform better in school!
  3. Walking or biking to school can help kids meet more than half of their daily recommended physical activity!
  4. The Walk+Bike Challenge is a great way for kids to try walking and biking to school and also win prizes.
  5. You will be automatically registered in Fire Up Your Feet too! With Fire Up Your Feet you can track walking and biking plus all the physical activity in your school and win cash awards – including the Let’s Move Active Schools and PeopleForBikes awards!

W+B Tracking

Once you’ve registered your school for the Walk+Bike Challenge, track kids’ walking and biking trips and report them using our tracking form here!



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