Moda Health: The Perfect fit For Bicyclists

Moda Health has been providing health plans for medical, dental, vision, and more for almost 60 years,and is one of Portland’s premier health plan services. It should come as little surprise then, that the company is deeply committed to bike commuting as a way of staying healthy anModa 1d living out their company’s mission. In this year’s Bike Commute Challenge, Moda had 78 participants biking over 6,000 miles; that’s all the way from Portland to Miami and back! Overall they placed 9th in the category for Businesses + Nonprofits with over 500 employees. They’re hoping to do even better next year.

For this year’s Bike Commute Challenge they purchased a GoPro camera for riders to record their commutes into work and then compiled the footage into a video that they distributed throughout the office as a way to get people excited about bike commuting. They also distributed posters, flyers and other campaign materials around the office as well as a special set of Bike Commute Challenge T-Shirts for anyone who participated in the Challenge.

Moda Bike Tshirts

Photo courtesy of Moda Health

Moda had 78 riders who participated in the Challenge this year, but there are actually close to 200 employees who bike to work year round. Their employee wellness program is called Walk the Talk, which is a way to help employees live what they do. For a lot of people, biking is how they accomplish that. Despite having a business-attire-preferred attitude, biker spandex is definitely accepted around the office and people get excited when they see co-workers come in fresh off their morning commute. Their secure bike room on the first floor is badge operated so that only employees of the building can enter and has more than enough room for everyone’s bikes. There are also showers and lockers for employees to stash their bike gear.

Photo courtesy of Molly Thornburg

Photo courtesy of Molly Thornburg

Moda’s abundant group of bike commuters all come from very different backgrounds, ranging from parents who come in after dropping their kids off at school to bicyclists who ride 25 miles on their commutes. At Moda, it’s clear that commuting by bike is for everyone. As members of the community and as employees at Moda, it’s a way to share a common activity, and many Moda employees say they’ve met lots of new friends in the bike room. As a company with over 1,200 employees, meeting other riders in the bike room is a great way to connect with people from other departments.

Thanks, Moda Health, for you support and for all the great work you do promoting a healthy lifestyle!



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