Biking Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Pedal PT Offers Physical Therapy For Bikers!

Pedalpt3“There’s this urban myth that pain is just a part of riding a bike,” says Kevin Schmidt, owner and founder of Pedal PT. “So many people I talked to said they are in some sort of physical pain on their bike, and they assume it’s just a part of riding, when it’s not,” Schmidt says enthusiastically. He too was having neck and back pains due to riding, and after talking with bicyclists around town, he realized he was not the only one.

He was just the only one who wanted to do something about it.

Pedalpt1In August 2012, Schmidt founded Pedal PT, a physical therapy clinic devoted to enhancing the wellness and health of bicyclists through hands-on orthopedic injury care and bike fitting services. Schmidt founded the company after learning that biking didn’t have to be a painful experience, and that by combining his education in physical therapy with his passion for biking, he could help people be more comfortable on their bikes. He holds an MSPT, a CMP and even a BikePT, and spent the last 10 years working in physical therapy clinics around Portland before founding Pedal PT.

Although it provides a unique service, Pedal PT is not the only one of its kind; physical therapists are only just beginning to tap into the market of providing services for bicyclists, and the niche market is growing steadily. What makes Pedal PT truly special, however, is that they offer services to everyday riders rather just than to die-hard racers. “If I were to go to a coffee shop and ask the people there how many of them ride bikes, one person might raise their hand,” says Schmidt. “But if I asked, ‘How many of you rode your bikes to this coffee shop,’ I bet 70 percent of the people in here would raise their hands.” Pedal PT is a clinic for the everyday bicyclist.

Pedalpt2But it’s not just bikers that come into Schmidt’s clinic on the corner of SE 25th & Clinton. “It’s very much a neighborhood clinic,” says Kevin. “Many people see our signs on the street and decide to come in because they’ve been experiencing pain. It’s not just for bikers.” Schmidt is a clinician for everyday people, not just people who ride bikes. Despite that, the office is certainly designed for bikes. It’s got indoor bike parking, a place to hang wet clothes and a gym for exercising.  The company was also just awarded Gold Certification from Sustainability at Work, for running a sustainable business.

Pedalpt4When he’s not handing out free coffee for bike commuters on their morning rides on SE Clinton (which Pedal PT does once a month!), he’s treating patients and fitting bikes to them. He also does in office bike fits where he’ll bring all of the necessary tools to your office (by bike of course!), and preform bike fits there.

Pedal PT is, by and large, a community clinic geared towards helping bikers. “We’re constantly trying to improve the quality of our work,” says Schmidt, “but also to improve the customer experience and what we’re giving back to the community. Supporting the community, helping the community – that’s really what I’m for,” he says.

So what are you waiting for? Go on down to Pedal PT to meet Kevin in person, and get ready to say goodbye to riding pains!



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