Meet Bike Commuter, Jessica!


Who says you can’t ride to work in a dress? Certainly not, Jessica. She is an Account Director at Prichard Communications and she proudly commutes by bike as much as possible. She says it’s easy to put shorts under a skirt and feel dressed for your commute and also be dressed for success once you get to the office.

She started riding to work over two and a half years ago and fell in love with it. She originally chose biking because she didn’t have a car, but still wanted a fast mode of transportation. She now says she rides to work because it’s cheaper than public transit and she absolutely loves the freedom! Jessica also enjoys the incorporation of exercise into her daily routine, but views it as just an added bonus of biking to work.

So what words of wisdom can Jessica share with new bike commuters? First, map your route. The bicycle option on Google maps is great for this! Second, follow that route. It may seem silly but this technology can help you find a safe route with bike lanes and other perks that a more obvious path may not have. Jessica also encourages people who want to ride to work to ride at their own pace and to not worry about other peoples’ speeds. “Don’t feel like you have to keep up,” she reassures. Get out there and try it, everyone is welcome!

Jessica also knows from experience how important it is to be safe. She recommends making sure the intersection is clear before entering it. She also suggests waiting for the cars from the other direction to come to a full stop before going, even if your light is green.

Looking for a more comfortable ride? Jessica highly recommends a pannier bike bag instead of a backpack. Commuting to work inevitably means riding with stuff and having to carry it on your back doesn’t always make for a relaxing ride. Jessica keeps her computer and other items safe and dry in her pannier that attaches to the back rack on her bicycle. It’s the one piece of bike gear she can’t live without.



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  1. michael schmunk Permalink  | Sep 05, 2014 04:49pm

    Nice job Jessica, riding in style! Great to see it’s practical to ride in a dress even on bikes with drop bars and no step through. I couldn’t agree more about the freedom of riding with panniers.