A New Tradition at River View Cemetery

bike mapThe Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) has recently started two new traditions in River View Cemetery: outreach to cemetery riders at the beginning of each school year and volunteer repainting of the arrows which mark the route.

thank you card

It’s represented with a green line on our bike maps, but the route through River View Cemetery is actually on private property. In 2010, the BTA helped fundraise to mark the route. With very few safe alternatives, it has become a vital link for SW hills residents and Lewis and Clark students. That link could be severed at any time, though — particularly if users ride disrespectfully or fail to follow the proscribed route. In recognition of this, BTA advocacy intern Christopher Delaney has reached out to the River View Cemetery board, first with a thank you card signed by frequent riders and then with a commitment to maintain route markings and educate riders.


The 20 faded route markings were repainted on Friday by Delaney and volunteer Michael Lombardo. Michael, the Director of Physical Education at Reed College, rides through the cemetery on his daily commute, and generously contributed the paint for this year’s repainting. Thanks Michael!


This Thursday (September 4th) afternoon, Christopher will have a tent set up in the cemetery to greet new Lewis and Clark students, brief them on cemetery etiquette (stay on the marked route, yield to pedestrians, and take it slow!), and, of course, hand out Clif bars. Stop by and say hello!

Want to be a part of this tradition next year? Contact me, Carl Larson, and I’ll gladly add you to a mailing list for future cemetery-related opportunities.


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