Summer Fun Rides with El Programa Hispano

This summer we were super excited to have the chance to work with El Programa Hispano’s Puentes program. Working together we were able to provide bike safety education and community bike rides to 63 David Douglas and Reynolds high school students.

Reynolds High School

El Programa Hispano is a great organization working to empower youth and their families to improve academic achievement and pursue higher education. They accomplish this through school based service programs like “Puentes” that are family oriented and culturally specific.

David Douglas High SchoolDuring our time with the students we were able to provide on street bike safety where we taught youth about the rules and laws of the road and how to ride on a street with traffic. We also had the opportunity to talk with them about our neighborhood greenways campaign for East Portland. Students learned what a neighborhood greenway is and what the BTA would like to see in terms of developing neighborhood greenways in their neighborhood. We also took students on rides highlighting the proposed neighborhood greenways that we would like to see built in East Portland.

Working with El Programa Hispano has taught us great ways to reach out to and connect with their community. We hope to continue working with El Programa Hispano and developing our relationship in order to support and empower them to voice their opinions regarding active transportation in their neighborhoods.


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