Register your bike with Project 529

Every 30 seconds, a bike is stolen in the US. Bicycle theft is a problem. In order to help address this issue, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance has partnered with Portland-based company Project 529 to promote bicycle registration through our Bike Commute Challenge. Developed jointly with law enforcement, Project 529’s bicycle registration service not only captures your bike’s information, it also works to deter theft, help respond if a bike is stolen, and aids in recovery. And, when registering for the Bike Commute Challenge, if you donate $10 or more you get a complimentary bike registration kit and bike theft shield from Project 529.

How exactly does Project 529’s bicycle registration work?Bike Registration Kit

Register: To register, download the 529 Garage app (from the iTunes Store or Google Play) or go to their website at Once there, follow the prompts to capture the detailed photos and key information about your bike to aid in recovery. As an extra deterrent, the bike registration kit you receive–when you donate $10 or more when registering for the Bike Commute Challenge–also includes a tamper-proof, weather-resistant shield to apply to your bike as an added identifying feature and warning to would-be thieves that your bike is registered.

Respond: If your bike is stolen, press the ALERT button in the 529 Garage app. You will be prompted to answer a few quick questions before everyone in the nearby 529 community is notified of the theft. The 529 Garage also helps produce high quality posters you can print out in just a couple of clicks.

Recovery: When your bike is recovered, you will have all of the necessary information in one place to prove ownership and reclaim your bike.

Get your bike and yourself registered today!


Comments (3)

  1. Cliff Permalink  | Aug 21, 2014 08:59am

    Assume you meant Google Play Store but I go not find an app for 529 Garage or Project 529.

  2. Megan Van de Mark Permalink  | Aug 21, 2014 09:55am

    Cliff: If you have questions, the best folks to contact are [email protected].

  3. why we should PROPERLY lock up our wheels Permalink  | Aug 18, 2015 12:25am

    I hope i prevented a theft tonight and the bike was locked to a post with a U-lock. I was waiting for a train tonight @ SE Clinton & 12th streets when I noticed a rider casually ride up to a bike that was locked up. She proceeded to stop and assess the bike then park hers less than 20 feet away in a commercial off street parking space, walk back to the other bike and try to remove the rear wheel which was not locked up. Had I not approached her, she would have had a new-to-her rear wheel.
    PLEASE lock up as much of your bicycle as possible.
    Keep riding.