Meet Bike Enthusiast, Austin!

14522919989_2066925648_kAustin Grisham is so excited about biking he co-founded a cycling club! He started the Cycling Club of Portland so people from all backgrounds can connect and ride together, something he feels very passionate about. He proudly stands behind the focus on not only the club, but also on commerce and community. He wanted to create a hub where people could hang out together on and off their bikes and the Cycling Club of Portland is successfully reaching that goal. Austin is very interested in biking as a sport and he even trains for triathlons! But it’s not all about the competing for Austin, he is enthusiastic about incorporating bicycling in his everyday life.

Outside of founding the club and training, Austin has been riding casually for about six years. He realized how truly happy riding his bike made him two years ago when he successfully biked through a Portland winter. He not only loves commuting by bike, but he also enjoys Portland sightseeing by bike. “This city is made to be seen by bike,” Austin points out, “the infrastructure and the city planning has really worked towards [people on bikes] and the pedestrian in general.” He encourages everyone, both visitors and residents, to explore Portland by bike.

How can you start to see the city in a new way if you already ride? Austin suggests trying a few different bike routes to work. “Don’t go the most direct way to work, spend some more time on your bike,” suggested Austin. You can learn more of your city and your community by exploring different routes.

If you are interested in a way to see your routes, mileage, and other data to keep you motivated, Austin is a big fan of his bike computer and recommends using one. He uses his mostly for training, but there are many models that are great to track your commute time, map your route so you don’t get lost, and more!

Thank you, Austin for encouraging everyone you meet to get out and commute, race, or just explore on a bike!


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  1. Liz Permalink  | Aug 27, 2014 08:36am

    Thank you Austin for your commitment to riding and giving back something
    good to your own community!!!