Biking Skills- Road Positioning

Being confident and predictable in your position on the road is essential to safe and efficient street bicycling.

Use these road positioning tips

bike lane

  1. Ride outside of the Door Zone – Ride at least three feet from parked cars. Be aware of people sitting in parked cars and keep in mind that they may not be aware of you.
  2. Ride in a straight line– Don’t weave in and out of parked cars.
  3. Leave the bike lane when necessary – When preparing for a turn, when debris is the bike lane or when there is any unsafe condition, don’t be afraid to leave the bike lane. Make sure you look behind you and slow down if necessary to safely leave the bike lane.
  4. IMG_1192Get out in Front of Vehicles – When preparing for a left turn, leaving the bike lane, or riding on a road with no bike lanes, start with a comfortable gap when merging into traffic.
  5. Take the Lane – On narrow roads or in heavy congestion you can take the lane. Be confident and know you have the right and motorists and other road-users must share the road with you. Make sure to look behind you and merge safely.
  6. Passing on the Right – Only when there is room and you aren’t in danger from right-turning vehicles, you can legally pass a line of cars on the right. Do it safely and be cautious.


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