Biking Skills- Looking Behind You

When operating any type of vehicle, it’s important to communicate with other road-users around you. As a bicyclist, communication is essential to keeping your vulnerability to a minimum.

Looking back, hand on hip

Looking back, hand on hip

Looking back is an extremely important skill that is used to communicate with vehicles approaching from the rear.

When utilizing this basic biking skill, looking back:

  • Allows you to monitor the traffic behind you
  • Causes you to sit up more, alerting motorists of a potential change
  • Alerts vehicles behind you that you might change your path
  • Allows you to make eye contact with the motorist behind you
  • Triggers a response from motorists to slow down to allow you to merge
Merging into traffic

Merging into traffic

Practice Looking Back technique:

  • Ride with 1 Hand – practice riding with your left hand on your hip.
  • Look back and Go Straight – pick up a little speed and look back while going straight. One-handed riding allows you to open up your body and not turn the handlebars.
  • Use your Hand Signal – from this position you can use a hand signal to indicate a merge.

This technique truly makes difficult traffic merges easy.


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