2014 Volunteer Awards + Co-Motion… And the Winners Are

On Thursday August 14th BTA staff, board, members, and volunteers gathered for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s Annual Member Meeting at the Portland Art Museum. Our advocacy team organized interactive stations where members could get updates on our latest projects while they sipped on Hopworks Beer and ate delicious tacos and dillas from Taco Pedaler.

The Annual Member Meeting is also a time for us to recognize our volunteers for all their hard work and dedication, and 2014 was no different. Check out our award winners and their contributions below.

Perry at OHSU Commuter Station

Perry at OHSU Commuter Station


Rookie of the Year Award
This year we created a new award to recognize some fresh faces that have recently begun volunteering with the BTA.
Award winner- Jocelyn Orr joined the volunteer squad at our 2014 Alice Awards and Auction. She kept a cool head on a busy night to help manage our live auction volunteer team. She also came to the rescue during our summer Membership Drive to help with data entry and ensure the drive went smoothly.
Award winner- Perry Fellman was also a huge help during the summer Membership Drive. Perry began volunteering with the BTA in June at our Commuter Stations and brought great energy and enthusiasm to our membership drive. He went above and beyond in his volunteer role and showed up at our OHSU Commuter Station with an awesome hand-decorated Clif Bar holder to help distribute Clif Bars and drive people to the station.
Honorable mention- Adam Herstein joined the BTA for our Reverse Commute Ride in June, and was an asset to BTA’s outreach in Washington County during our summer Membership Drive.


Under the Radar
Unfortunately neither one of our Under the Radar volunteers were able to join us at the meeting. Perhaps they wish their faces to remain anonymous for their behind the scenes volunteerism is so great they did not wish to outshine the others. But nevertheless we took a moment to recognize two amazing volunteers.
Award winner- Matt Morrisey began volunteering with the BTA last fall at the Bike Commute Challenge Awards Party. He has since been a crucial volunteer to our development team and has helped with renewal stuffings and phone calling to our lapsed members. Matt is an active volunteer with multiple organizations and the BTA is thankful for all his support.
Honorable mention- Mike Albino came to us in the winter and dove right in helping wherever he was needed. Whether it was phone calling, data entry, helping move our education bicycle fleet from school to school, or recruiting members during our Membership Drive, Mike was always up for the task and has been a huge help to the organization.

Christopher DeLaney with his sweetie.

Christopher DeLaney with his sweetie.


Advocacy Volunteer of the Year
Our advocates are always hard at work striving to make our streets, city, and state safer and better for bicycling. But they can’t do it all alone, our valuable advocacy volunteers are extremely committed to the cause.
Award winner- Christopher DeLany  is one such advocacy volunteer who has brought dedication and enthusiasm to our Better Broadway campaign. Christopher has pounded the pavement, talking with stakeholders and businesses to gain support for better bicycling infrastructure on N and NE Broadway. He also helped recruit members during our summer Membership Drive at multiple Commuter Stations and has been a great resource and advocate to keep unofficial bike trails, like the path through River View Cemetery, open for community use.


Scott Lieuallen Award
Each year our programs team could easily give the education volunteer award to Scott Lieuallen for all his hard work and dedication to our bike safety education programs. So to honor his volunteerism we named the award after him, and instead recognize other amazing volunteers who have followed in his footsteps.
Award winner- Ralph Goldstein has been a long time BTA member and volunteer. Ralph is a retired school teacher, but can’t stay away from the classroom. You can find him at Ride With Kids community rides nearly every week during our education season. You can read more about Ralph, his volunteerism and his love of bicycling here.


Volunteer of the Year
In addition to all the specialized awards, we also like to recognize a volunteer who has gone above and beyond to help the BTA move our work forward. This award has gone to volunteers active in multiple areas of our work as well as those who have taken charge with a specific project. Bottom line: they make our work possible and we couldn’t do it without them.
Award winner- Ryan Howard was a vital partner in our Safe Routes to School Conference this year. Not only did he help coordinate the more mundane logistics of room reservations and bike racks, he also went the extra mile to organize fun social activities for participants. Everyone who attended the conference got to enjoy a bike ride from Champoeg State Park and a morning social walk complete with a coffee stop for all conference participants.


Who won that shiny Co-Motion bicycle?
We also drew the winner for the Co-Motion bicycle from our summer Membership Drive and the luck winner was long time BTA supporter Kate Wolpert. Kate says she has always wanted a Co-Motion bike ever since she got interested in cycling. The lucky gal will be working with Dwan at Co-Motion Cycles to build her sweet little two-wheeled steed.


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