Pedal with Purpose: Join the BTA in calling for a World-Class Bike Network

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Together our voices are stronger.

From Salem to City Hall, the BTA is advocating for investments in our collective health, safety, and joy through the creation of a world-class bike network.

In 2013, we launched our Blueprint for World-Class Bicycling. We outlined 17 priority projects to Make Big Streets Safe, Build Inspiring Trails, Create Neighborhood Greenways, and Fix the Gaps in our Current Bike Network.

In the last year of Blueprint campaign work, we saw the City of Milwaukie name the Monroe Street Neighborhood Greenway a priority in their Transportation System Plan, Metro and key Washington County stakeholders adopt the Westside Trail Master Plan, Portland City Council dedicate $6 Million to protected bikeways in downtown and adopt the Foster Streetscape Plan to provide bike lanes, shorter pedestrian crossings, and lower traffic speeds on a key connector to East Portland.


When you join the BTA, you amplify the voices of our full-time advocates going to bat every day for safer streets; you amplify the voices of the families biking to school, the daily commuters pedaling to work, and everyone hopping on a bicycle on a sunny Saturday for their health or simply for the joy of pedaling.

When you join the BTA (or refer a friend!) between July 13th- 20th, you also qualify to win a beautiful new, Oregon-Made Co-Motion Bicycle.

Join now: get your chance to win, receive more than $300 of Bike Bucks good at local businesses in the mail, and be a part of this year’s top campaigns: More Blueprint project wins, Safe Routes to School across the Metro Region, and funding for active transportation at the Oregon State Legislature.

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