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More than 1,500 individuals started bike commuting during the BTA’s 2013 Bike Commute Challenge, with the total number of commuters logging trips exceeding 10,000 and over 1,000,000 miles ridden. Companies large and small competed to see who could get the most employees making the most possible trips by bike. Intel challenged Nike in a “Nerds vs Jocks” Challenge, and Daimler Trucks of North America went back to Swan Island with new bike racks, their prize for adding the most new commuters to their team.

Did we leave the kids out of the fun? Of course not. In May’s Walk+Bike Challenge, students across Oregon blew all previous records out of the water with a whopping 300,000 walking and biking trips to school.

Have you stumbled across a group of teenagers biking in East Multnomah County or North Portland this summer? Perhaps you got a glimpse of one of the community rides we led in conjunction with partners at the Urban League of Portland, Elevate Oregon, or El Programa Hispano.

When you join the BTA, you support our work to make bicycling accessible to more of your friends, coworkers, and neighbors through inviting programs and strong community partnerships.

When you join the BTA (or refer a friend!) between July 13th- 20th, you also qualify to win a beautiful new, Oregon-Made Co-Motion Bicycle.

Join now: get your chance to win, receive more than $300 of Bike Bucks good at local businesses in the mail, and come celebrate our collective accomplishment of thousands of new faces in the bike lanes and greenways at this year’s Bike Commute Challenge Awards Party.

Pedal with Purpose.

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