Who won the Walk+Bike Challenge? 56K Oregon kids, that’s who.

This May 56,000 students joined together to walk and bike during the Walk+Bike Challenge and logged over 300,000 active trips to school. To all the kids who walked and biked, parents who said yes, teachers who helped organize, and principals who walked with them, we at the BTA want to say a huge whopping, “Thank you!”


The Walk+Bike Challenge occurred over the month of May and challenged students in over 200 schools to walk and bike to school. This year we are celebrating the record ­breaking number of 300,000 active trips taken. Oregon’s Walk+Bike Challenge and Fire Up Your Feet Awards and Ceremony will take place at the Oregon Safe Routes to School Conference on June 26th.


Our kids are the ultimate winners of all the work that parents and teachers put into organizing the Walk+Bike Challenge! However, we love a good competition, so put your hands together for…

Greatest percentage of Student participation!
1st place: Washington Elementary in Salem with 100%
1st place: Hancock Street Pre-school in Portland with 100%
2nd place: The Emerson School in Portland with 90%

Greatest Student participation from new schools!
1st place: Washington Elementary in Salem
2nd place: Briggs Middle School in Springfield
3rd place: Jefferson Elementary in Corvallis
4th place: Westside Elementary in Hood River

Greatest number of students walking and biking!
1st place: Alameda Elementary in Portland with 575 students
2nd place: Roseway Heights Elementary in Portland with 491 students
3rd place: Hosford Middle School in Portland with 480 students

Greatest number of walking and biking trips!
1st place: Lewellyn Elementary in Portland with 8,439 trips
2nd place: Washington Elementary in Salem with 6,154 trips
3rd place: Roseway Heights Elementary in Portland with 5,969 trips
4th place: Alameda Elementary in Portland with 5,557 trips
5th place: Sunnyside Environmental School in Portland with 4,933 trips
6th place: Gilbert Heights Elementary in Portland with 4,496 trips

The Walk+Bike Challenge promotes parents, teachers, and community members to encourage children to have active lifestyles starting from an early age and is a great first step to a larger Safe Routes to School program. Want to join in the fun? Sign up for Walk+Bike to School Day on October 8th, 2014.

Thanks to Oregon Department of Transportation, Fire Up Your Feet, NW Natural, and Portland Safe Routes to School for helping make this great event happen!





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