Walk+Bike Challenge Champion: Meet Mary!


MaryMary Drinkhouse is the Walk+Bike Challenge Organizer at Roseway Heights Elementary in Portland, and she is awesome!  Thanks to her, students at Roseway Heights walked and biked last month as part of the Walk+Bike Challenge. We asked Mary a couple of questions about the Challenge at her school.

BTA: Why did you take on the role of Walk+Bike Organizer at your school?

Mary: Fitness is super important to me both as a parent and as a professional. When we use our bodies for transportation, we are helping the environment and ourselves! The job was a good fit for my volunteer energy!

BTA: What is your favorite story about encouraging walking and biking  at Roseway Heights?

Mary: I love talking to the kids when we give out raffle prizes. We go into the classrooms and we always ask them why is it good to walk and bike to school – and they always have amazingly cute answers about health and the environment!


BTA: What makes Roseway Heights so dang special?

Mary: Roseway Heights has had a strong walk and bike community for several years. We have a tiny but solid committee of 3 parents helping make Walk and Bike work at our school. Our grounds have three lovely covered bike shelters and we have a monthly Walk and Bike day throughout the whole school year! We give out raffle prizes and incentives and try to have snacks available on our monthly days! The kids get into it and our principal and staff are very supportive!

Join Mary and 200 schools as they increase walking and biking, one student at a time. Sign up to encourage walking and biking at your school! Want to take your community to the next level? Come to the Oregon Safe Routes to School Conference in Newberg, June 26-28 and create a Safe Routes program in your community.


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