Showers Pass: Taking the Soggy Out of Socks while Savoring Salt & Straw

Have you ever dumpster dived for Salt & Straw ice cream?

FreezerShowers Pass staff has! Headquartered next to Salt & Straw’s production facility, the staff of Showers Pass (makers of the rain gear many of us wear and love) gets to enjoy Salt & Straw’s rejects! Awesome next door neighbors, right?

Frankly, “awesome” comes up a lot when talking about Showers Pass (and Salt & Straw!), often in reference to their rain gear. Living in a place where biking is frequently synonymous with biking in the rain, rain gear can make or break a bike ride. Although most people aren’t excited about biking in the rain, many people come not to mind it. Some come to even enjoy it! This is possible because of good rain gear that keeps you warm, dry, and safe on your bike. Showers Pass knows and understands this.

Kyle-HeadshotStarted by a keen cyclist, Showers Pass makes function-focused rain gear designed, and tested, by fellow cyclists who live and work in the Pacific Northwest. “We design our products with the end user in mind, function and quality come before style. We look at product design as an opportunity to solve problems for our customers,” shares co-owner Kyle Ranson. And for them, function is about more than just keeping you dry. It’s also about keeping you safe. “Safety is something we think a lot about when designing our gear.” From the bright yet fun colors to the placement of the reflectors, Showers Pass jackets are meant to light up like a Christmas tree when a light is shined on the wearer.

This is important, particularly when rain is the barrier keeping many people from biking (or biking more often). It’s understandable. It can be scary. Or simply uncomfortable. “What we try to do is alleviate some of those concerns. Keep you warm and dry. Keep you reflective at night,” shares Ranson. And to do so affordably. “However much you have to spend, we will give you the best at that price point.”


Their rain gear includes more than rain jackets and rain pants. For instance, nobody (whether you are on a bike or not) wants soggy socks. Thus, last fall Showers Pass introduced waterproof, breathable socks. We haven’t tested them ourselves, but hear that you can stand in a bucket of water while sporting these socks and your feet stay dry. “Our roots are in cycling, but really, we are a Pacific Northwest lifestyle brand”, shares Ranson. “[We are] not doing it to run a business, but to solve problems.”

BTA in Showers Pass

It shows. In April, when Showers Pass realized important samples wouldn’t reach the Russian Cycling Team, which they are an official supplier for, by air freight in time for an upcoming race, they flew employee Sue Grandjean to Belgium for a 48 hour trip to hand deliver the samples to the Pro World Tour Team Katusha. Clearly, Showers Pass has a passion for what they do.

They also have a passion for the community they do it in. In addition to supporting bicycling organizations such as the BTA, they are also big supporters of Community Vision, an organizations that helps people with physical and mental disabilities live and work in the community. They believe in giving back and do it in multiple ways. Primarily, however, they do it by making gear that makes folks lives easier (and drier).

Besides, it’s all in the name. As we know well, showers pass. But while waiting for them to, why not be comfortable?


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