Pedalpalooza is here!

From the Pedalpalooza Kick-Off in 2012. Photo: WD Vanlue

From the Pedalpalooza Kick-Off in 2012. Photo: WD Vanlue

Robins may signal spring in some places, but in Portland, Pedalpalooza is a much more obvious indicator. Every June, since 2002, Portlanders have volunteered their time to organize an ever-growing selection of free events and bike rides as part of “Pedalpalooza.”

Pedalpalooza officially started earlier this week, on Thursday. Already there’s been a 5am coffee ride to a scenic vista, a raucous kickoff parade, a unicycle polo match, a book release, and a BMX movie night. Fear not, there are still 270ish more rides and events to go before Pedalpalooza is through.

A few of them are organized by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance! Here are the events we have on the calendar:

June 11th – BTA Commuter Station: Ladd’s Addition Grab a Cliff Bar, get your bike registered, and learn about our nearby advocacy work!

June 17th – BTA Open House Stop by our office after work to meet our staff and have a free beer!

June 18th – BTA Commuter Station: SE Ankeny Grab another Cliff Bar, pump up that tire with a slow leak, and hear about our nearby advocacy work!

June 25th – BTA Commuter Station: SW Barbur Have another Cliff Bar, hear about our work to make Barbur safer, take a deep breath and ride over those bridges!

June 25th – Drinks with a Lawyer! Grab a beer (and one last Cliff Bar) and get all of your legal questions answered by a lawyer from Swanson, Thomas, Coon, and Newton.

Looking for advice on other worthwhile rides? Four BTA staffers offered up their thoughts on the following picks.
Lisa Frank, Advocate:
June 14th – Gender*Bender 
“It’s Pride weekend, folks.”

June 24th – Reverse Commute: Beaverton to Portland
“Hills, infrastructure wonks and zoo-bombing, all in one night.”
Joel Holly, Education Manager:
June 6th – The Yoga Ride
“I like this ride because I am leading it and my lovely wife Kate is at the end! At the end of the ride there will be a free yoga class at Yoga Refuge (taught by Kate) and some snacks and stuff, not to mention the Montavilla neighborhood first Friday event.”

June 8th – Zoobomb Century
“This is really something I feel I need to experience. I’ve done a century or two, but not on a kids bike.”

June 21st – NWTA Ride to your Ride
“I love Mountain Biking and grew up in a place that had awesome trails accessible by bike. Now I live near Powell Butte and get to ride it weekly. The trails are dialed in and friendly for all levels of shredder even the little ones.”
Me, Carl Larson, Advocate:
June 8th – Bizarro 122nd Avenue Ride 
“I’m curious to see how Michael Andersen envisions 122nd Avenue’s future.”

June 21st – Working Theater Collective’s annual Bike Play 
“I pick it every year because every year it’s a great play.”

June 28th – The Bike Fair
“Multnomah County Bike Fair is back at Colonel Summers Park, with a new name!”
Will Vanlue, Communications Director:
June 7th – The LAST Hott Sock Ride
“Where else do you get to launch socks with a slingshot? And this year may be the last, so I’m definitely going before it’s gone!”

June 14th – Small Bikes go to Gigantic Brewing 
“Fans of folding bikes are a generally laid-back lot, so this is sure to be a nice afternoon of fun and frivolity.”


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