Member Profile- Brock Dittus

Brock DittusEver been riding around town and seen someone riding on a tall bike? If so, you may have seen this month’s BTA member Brock Dittus rolling along on his black double-decker frame.

Brock is a Portland Schools bus driver by day and a podcast host and bike culture enthusiast by night. You may have heard the Sprocket Podcast on Portland’s newest radio station X-Ray FM, where Brock and co-host Aaron Flores share their view of the world on all topics from bikes and food to arts and culture. Brock has hosted our Executive Director Rob Sadowsky three times on the show before finally joining us a member, but the decision was an easy one, he says, “You all do great advocacy, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Brock has been a lover of bicycles since he was a kid. He remembers riding around town on the back of his grandfather’s self-welded tandem frame. Brock supposes he’s carrying on some part of the family tradition with his own 2-frame bicycle, built by local welding wiz Tom Labonty.

“It’s essentially the same 2 bikes my grandpa welded together,” he says, “mine are just welded one on top the other, instead of in a line.” Brock loves riding around to different events on his tall bike.

“Sunday Parkways is like a giant parade,” he says, and he likes how much joy seeing someone riding a tall bike can bring to people. “Nowadays in close-in Portland, people have seen so many tall bikes, it turns less heads, but when I lived out in Lents, the kids would always get excited when I rode by.”

And his love of bikes goes beyond the homemade and fantastical tall bikes. Brock says riding his commuter around town is just down right fun. “You get to enjoy beautiful days, ride in the sun and the breeze; its great for body, mind and spirit.” Plus he really likes the freedom he enjoys by living a car-free lifestyle. “I save so much money not owning a car,” he says, “now I can actually afford to travel.” And travel he does. Brock and his wife try to take a bike tour together every summer. His 2 favorite trips thus far have been his 2009 tour of the West Coast, and his 2012 trip from Portland to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Join Brock in his love for bicycles this month by becoming a member of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, and then hit the road on some fun Pedalpalooza rides. You’ll be sure to spot Brock and lots of other BTA members at many of the festive rides rolling through Portland this month.


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