Walk+Bike Challenge Winner in Hood River: Meet Katherine!

KatherineKatherine Bazinet is the Walk+Bike Challenge Organizer at Westside Elementary in Hood River, and she is awesome!  Thanks to her, students at Westside are walking and biking this month as part of the Walk+Bike Challenge. We asked Katherine a couple of questions about the Challenge at her school.

BTA:  Why did you take on the role of Walk+Bike Organizer at your school?

Katherine: Our family loves to bike. Some streets to get our school are not very safe and so many parents drive their children to school every morning. It’s pretty congested at 7:55am. I wanted to show every body that simple changes could help make the commute to school healthier and safer.

BTA: What is your favorite story about encouraging walking and biking to school?

Katherine: I organized the challenge this year as classroom competitions. Our first grades are so excited about the possible party (extended recess, popcorn machine, and some fruit) that almost all of them have a perfect score sheet at the end of the week. They see me in the corridors or biking and say, “Are we in the lead?!?

BTA: What makes Westside Elementary special?

Katherine: Hood River is a small community and there’s a great parent PTO influence in our school. Great pride to be wildcats!

Join Katherine and 200 schools as they increase walking and biking, one student at a time. Its not too late to sign up for the Challenge! Want to take your community to the next level? Come to the Oregon Safe Routes to School Conference in Newberg, June 26-28 and create a Safe Routes program in your community.


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