Meet Kristin, BTA Member

Kristin White

Kristin White

Did you know the BTA offers a barter membership? Yep that’s right, you can earn all the benefits of BTA membership through volunteering, either at our volunteer events or through an internship with us. In fact, that’s exactly how Kristin White earned her BTA membership!

Kristin is a recent University of Oregon graduate who has been interning at the BTA since Fall 2013. She first heard about the BTA while still going to school in Eugene, and was really interested in BTA’s education programs.

After getting sick of looking for jobs online, she decided it was best to just dive right in and get some experience interning in areas of work she found interesting. One of her biggest projects has been data analysis for our education programs. Kristin slogged through nine years of data to determine retention rates and participation of new schools in Walk+Bike to School Day.

According to our Education Director, LeeAnne Fergason, “[Kristin’s] final report and analysis will help determine how we can best create and distribute resources to help schools increase the number of students and families walking and biking. We are so grateful to her for her time on this project. We would not have seen these program trends with out her!”

Kristin grew up in Portland, but it wasn’t until high school, while on a study abroad program in the Netherlands, that she really fell in love with biking. While abroad she began biking to school every day, logging nearly 60 miles a week, plus another 20 or so on the weekend for fun.

Holland's flat trails connect many cities and other destinations.

Hollands flat trails connect many cities and other destinations.

“Holland is completely flat,” Kristin says, “so biking was really easy there.” Nowadays she commutes from her home in SE Portland to her internship at BTA, and to farms across the Portland-Metro region where she volunteers as an advocate and outreach representative for the Portland agriculture network.

Unlike most of the people her age, Kristin doesn’t have a smartphone, so she uses paper maps to plan her commutes. She doesn’t mind the extra time it takes: “Biking somewhere new always reminds me of those feelings of adventure and possibilities I had when I began biking,” Kristin says.

Whether riding for work or for fun, Kristin has lots of stories from the road. Last summer Kristin took a mini bike tour down to Eugene and, at a coffee shop along the way, met another single traveler. They rode together into the next town and then parted ways. Just this month, on a day that was raining cats and dogs, Kristin was stopped at a stop sign when she heard someone call her name. She turned to look who it was, and riding next to her was that same woman from her trip to Eugene!

“I don’t even know how she recognized me,” Kristin says, “but I was glad she did, and we rode back to southeast together.”

If you’re excited to get involved and make an impact in bicycling in Oregon, follow Kristin’s lead and apply for an internship at the BTA. We are looking for great people to help us on a variety of projects, from updating curriculum to helping with fundraising, outreach, or marketing. You can earn your own BTA membership by volunteering at least 12 hours with the BTA in a 12-month period.

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