Growing Our Work with ROSE

Beginning last summer, ROSE Community Development and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance formed a community partnership to support access to healthy, economical, and sustainable active transportation options for people living and working in East Portland.

Their name describes their mission to Revitalize Outer South East, and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance shares ROSE’s vision of creating healthy neighborhoods and investing resources in Outer Southeast Portland neighborhoods. Part of this work includes providing educational workshops and community rides to educate and empower community members.

In the fall, we began that work by providing two community workshops at Bellrose Station and Leander Court apartments.  We provided free helmets, educational materials, a basic bike safety workshop, and a community ride around the neighborhood. We also brought bikes with us, so anyone who wanted to could join in the community ride!  

We’re very excited by this new partnership, and we’re looking forward to continuing our work with ROSE. We’re hosting two more rides with ROSE in June, and we’re working on more plans to reach even more residents in East Portland.

rose-cdc-logo-278306f69c7f11c9About Rose

ROSE Community Development is dedicated to Revitalizing Outer Southeast Portland neighborhoods, through the development of good homes and economic opportunities. ROSE is busy this Spring – growing resident community gardening programs, including 8 new innovative ADA-accessible “rain-powered” garden beds, engaging resident youth in healthy activities, and a weekly senior walking group at Lents Village!

ROSE Mother’s Day Brunch & Garden Celebration is just around the corner. You can join ROSE for a festive “early Mother’s day” brunch at Lents Village, 10325 SE Holgate Blvd. ROSE will be celebrating community, healthy and active living, gardening, and our new rain-powered garden beds! The event is free, with a $10 suggested donation per brunch.

And be sure to keep an eye out for ROSE’s community rides with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance coming this June!


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