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IMG_0611As a self-described “highly-trained nerd massage therapist,” Domenika at Niche Massage says she always, “applies [her] bike nerdery to the magic that is massage.”

She started commuting by bike in 2005, two years after she was licensed as a massage therapist.

Her decision to get around on a bike was for reasons we all might be familiar with: Getting around on a bike gave her the freedom to forget about bus schedules and gridlock traffic. It gave her a way to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, without having to always go to the gym to get a workout. And when you ride a bike there’s almost always a place to park!

Unfortunately, Domenika was in a car crash in 2010. Her injuries, some of which didn’t present until long after the crash, were a set-back but they couldn’t keep her out of the saddle forever. They also gave her a personal perspective on what other people were facing.

IMG_0612Whether from a crash or just from day-to-day riding, Domenika sees “a lot of commonality in the aches and pains” of people who ride. Her experiences have helped her develop a sense of empathy, and she loves the camaraderie among people who ride, which shows in her work at Niche Massage.

She’s hosted bike-related events at her studio, and strives to get people who ride the resources they need to take care of their bodies, on and off a bike. Collaborating with other practitioners also allows her to offer more than “just” time on a massage table at Niche Massage. Domenika is passionate about making her services accessible to everyone, and she’s worked with yoga and acupuncture practitioners to help get her clients the attention they need.

Along with getting her to work, Domenika’s bike gets her a lot of places, near and far. Her first major bike tour took her from Salem to San Francisco in 2006, and it’s an experience she won’t forget, especially arriving in San Francisco and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.

“I can’t get that image out of my mind. It was a huge accomplishment.”

And Domenika says, for her, “…bicycling is about connecting. I’m never checking my text messages on a bike. I’m riding. It’s mindfulness in the day.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

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  1. Red Permalink  | Apr 25, 2014 02:07pm

    Domenika is an amazing LMT. I have been intermittently receiving from her for the last 10 years. Every person I have referred to her has not only been extremely pleased, but also goes on to refer others. If you get a chance to have her work with you to improve your musculoskeletal situation, I advise you get on that!