Member Profile: Renata Hahn

This month we travel over the West Hills into neighboring Washington County to chat with BTA member Renata Hahn about why she supports the BTA.

Photo courtesy of Renata Hahn

Photo courtesy of Renata Hahn

Renata Hahn works in customer service at where she works on product creation for the website. She also answers customer questions about different products they offer and gives advice about what product might work best for their needs.

“I have most of the products in my own closet,” says Renata, so she’s prepared to answer questions first hand about each product’s performance. And she definitely can speak to peak performance products because once the phones stop ringing at work, she tests those products to the max doing every kind of riding all over Oregon.

Renata is a seasoned rider, racing with Team Rose City for sport, cruising with Portland Velo for fun, and taking on crits, time trials, short track mountain biking and cyclocross for a mix of both. But her favorite way to ride is with friends. Later this year she’s excited to take her social riding international, when she and her friends travel to Rimini, Italy for a week of riding along the Adriatic Sea.

“The social act of riding is really big. I also love to stay fit, but I really love the camaraderie of riding and travelling with people.”

Photo courtesy of Renata Hahn

Photo courtesy of Renata Hahn

But Renata is more than a bicycling enthusiast; she is also a devoted mom of two. When asked if her kids grew up riding, she enthusiastically responded, “Oh yeah!” Both her kids followed in her footsteps and became cyclocorss racers. Both son and daughter have placed and won Junior Cross Crusade races. Her daughter now commutes on a bike to school daily while away at university, and her son continues to race locally while he prepares to finish high school.

In addition to being a bicycling buff and loving mother, Renata is a BTA member, and has been since 2010. She joined after years of hearing about BTA’s work from friend, coworker, and BTA Board Member Susan Otcenas.

“I had heard a lot about [BTA’s] work from Susan and from attending a few BTA events. I was just very impressed and inspired by all the advocacy work you all were doing.”

And that advocacy is coming to her doorstep as the BTA expands its project advocacy into Washington County with last year’s release of the Blueprint for World Class Bicycling. The work will surely impact all the riders she sees on her weekly rides.

“I can’t think of a single time I’ve been out on my bike and not seen someone else riding,” she says, “Washington County is full of people out riding.”

Are one of those people Renata passes on her weekend rides? Join her in supporting the BTA as a sustaining member, or give a single membership donation, good for the whole year. Members enjoy great discounts at bike shops and bike friendly businesses across the region. Check out a full list of benefits here.


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