Coffee, High Fives, and Comfy Rides from Pedal PT

Trivia question: Who was the first certified BikePT in Portland?

Kevin Schmidt of Pedal PT.

"Would you like a high five with that coffee?"

“Would you like a high five with that coffee?”

Perhaps you’ve seen Kevin along SE Clinton in the mornings, handing out free coffee once a month, in rain, shine or windstorm. Or maybe you’ve shared a high five with him during his yearly celebration of National High Five Day (yes, it’s a real thing). You’ll find Kevin handing out (pun intended!) high fives to everyone he encounters once a year on the third Thursday in April.

The free coffee and high fives are simply two ways of many that Kevin, and his new business, Pedal PT, engages with the community.

Founded in August of 2012, Pedal PT is located on SE 25th Ave, just off Clinton, in a renovated warehouse that once housed the world’s largest private vinyl record collection. True fact. Now, it is home to a community centered physical therapy and bike fitting practice.

Pedal PT is about optimal health for the everyday rider. They believe that riding a bike should always be a pain-free experience. To quote Kevin, “As a Physical Therapist, we’re experts on the most important part of biking: the rider. I’m in the body business, not the bike business. Actually, more like the body-on-the-bike business.” Not only can he diagnose and treat aches and pains from a medical perspective, he understands how those problems can be managed both on and off the bike.

Kevin Schmidt, Pedal PT

Kevin Schmidt, Pedal PT

Why did Kevin found Pedal PT in the first place? Let us rewind for a second.

It’s 2007. Kevin is helping to manage five physical therapy clinics in the Portland area, commuting by car. En route home from Tualatin one day, while stuck on I-5 for an hour and a half, he realizes that he is wasting away his time in traffic. He decides then and there that if an opportunity arises to change that, he will.

And of course, it does. He takes a new job (and a big pay cut) 2 ½ miles from home and starts commuting by bike. As he bikes more, he starts experiencing new aches and pains. To treat his own injuries, Kevin pursues advanced training on bike fitting and cycling-related injury, ultimately discovering a specialized niche.

logo_v2Why bikes and physical therapy? Because that’s who Kevin is.

He commutes by bike 365 days a year and wants to do so pain free. And he wants you to be able to do so too.


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