Introducing Our New Team Members

The last few months have brought some big changes to the BTA and we are excited to announce additions to the BTA team. This month we welcomed Adam Amodio and Marilyn Lipko to the BTA staff, and promoted Nicole Davenport into a new role.



Adam Amodio is the BTA’s new database administrator. He is originally from the northeast, and moved across country in the summer of 2013 to enjoy Portland’s liquid sunshine. Upon joining the BTA as Database Administrator in January of 2014, he experienced his first commute on bike and now looks forward to every future ride. When not at his desk fighting technology, he enjoys good food, good beer, and good music. Adam is also a musician. He appreciates a wide variety of sounds, and tries to play every instrument he can find. When not dreaming about visiting the wilds of the world, he watches just about every show there is on surviving in Alaska and hopes to one day experience it himself.


Marilyn Lipko just joined the BTA as our new Finance Assistant. She has over 11 years experience as an administrator in local social and environmental non-profits, including Sisters of the Road and Friends of the Columbia Gorge. Before coming to Portland she managed a bookstore in a yoga community in western Massachusetts, where she joyfully rode her Mongoose through the hills of the Berkshire Mountains every day. Marilyn enjoys a vegan lifestyle, yoga, weight lifting, reading, kirtan, photography, bird watching, a good Scrabble game and hanging out with her three cats.


Lastly, our former Finance and Outreach Coordinator, Nicole Davenport, was promoted this month to Membership and Outreach Manager. She is excited to be taking on the new position and to continue to grow with the BTA. She’s looking forward to expanding our member engagement programs to find more ways for members to connect with each other, our work, and our staff, as well as continuing to promote the great benefits of being a BTA member. Nicole brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to her work, and the development department is proud to have her as a member of the team. If you have any questions about your membership, Nicole is ready to help. Outside of work Nicole enjoys riding her bike around town, cooking meals with friends, and staying active with dance and soccer. Her big goals for 2014 include learning spanish, bike camping at Mt. Hood and the coast, and travelling abroad to visit friends and ride bikes in Amsterdam and Berlin.


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