Portland Rides In Style: Helmet As Statement

Guest blogger, Tanja Olson of Tanja Olson Images, has brought us some photos from the street. Once a month Tanja will be sharing her street scenes of Portland bike riding style.

Observing my fellow commuters, I’ve noticed that not everyone wears a helmet– and let’s face it, they’re not always the most glamorous accessory. Fortunately, helmet design has come a long way in the last few years. Here are a few very attractive helmets that make quite a statement while also protecting your noggin.

Best matched set of bike to helmet.

What a great helmet-to-bike match. With that black outfit she looks very put together. Go girl!


Bright blue helmet looks nice with the bike frame while riding on the street.

What a lovely blue helmet! Cute skirt, too. Love that summer riding!


A fancy polka dot helmet is easy to coordinate with.

A multi-colored polka dot helmet goes with everything.


Striped helmet is nice for riding in traffic.

This striped helmet is very snazzy.


The watermelon helmet still protects the head.

Is your brain as soft as a watermelon?


A red helmet is very noticable.

A red helmet is very conspicuous. Always good to be conspicuous in traffic.


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