I didn’t know Eugene SRTS was going regional!

You’ve probably met Shane MacRhodes, Eugene’s Safe Routes to School Coordinator, either in person or virtually. He is a Safe Routes to School powerhouse who works in the Eugene 4J school district, is an active participant in the Walk+Bike Steering Committee, planned every Walk+Bike Retreat and is working on the 2014 Oregon Safe Routes to School Conference. He also has a beautiful family including a daughter and twin boys. Shane is busy, 200% of the time, changing the world.FamilyBikeShot

Shane, along with many strong partners like Bethel SRTS coordinator Nicole Zwink and Ali Camp from Lane Transit District, started working with the Central Lane Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), introducing SRTS and promoting the importance of a regional plan. And now, the MPO has authorized $100,000 to plan a strategy and begin implementation! Currently their strategy document is complete and implementation is underway. Just recently Springfield hired their first ever Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Emma Newman!

Some highlights from their regional plan include:

notesTransitional Plan

  • Develop walking route maps and identify screetscape improvements
  • Provide cost effective bike safety education
  • Boost participation in Walk and Bike to School Events by 50% (Yeehaw, says LeeAnne!)
  • Establish an MPO SRTS Advisory Committee

Phase 1 (2015-17)

  • Provide Pedestrian Safety to 57% of 2nd graders each year
  • Achieve 75 percent participation in walk and bike events
  • Identify potential policy changes that would support SRTS

Phase 2 (2017-19)

  • Expand Education to 80% of targeted students
  • Policies will be modified to support SRTS
  • Have a total 2 full-time SRTS staff to work with Eugene, Bethel, and Springfield school districts.

Way to raise the bar, Lane County! If you are interested in making this happen in your community, participate in our March Safe Routes to School Outreach campaign and email leeanne@btaoregon.org so I know who to cheer for.

Go forth and spread Safe Routes!


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