Fall Back on November 3rd

Daylight Savings coming to an end this weekend means more than an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night, though we’re not complaining about that! For anyone who rides, there are a few other important things to remember too:

1. If you commute in the mornings and evenings, you’ll probably be riding home in the dark. Remember your lights! A front white light is required when you’re riding at night in Oregon, and a rear light is always a good idea. Be sure your batteries are charged or, even better, install lights don’t need batteries – ones that run on a generator or are powered by induction.

2. Fall is really here, and with it come a few hazards. The most prevalent problem this time of year is riding over wet leaves. It’s best to avoid debris all together, but a few tips can keep you upright in those situations when you need to ride through mush.

3. The rain has been giving us a break the last month or so, but that won’t last all winter. But a little rain doesn’t mean you have to put your bike into storage. Get your jacket and rain pants, and keep on riding! Another good option for Oregon weather: rain capes. They fit over almost any outfit, and they’re becoming more and more popular on streets around the Portland-Metro area!

Rain Capes! Photo: Will Vanlue

Rain capes! Photo: Will Vanlue


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