ACTION ALERT: Save Funding for Washington County Bike & Ped. Projects!

Washington County has $3 million to spend on bicycle and pedestrian safety projects in 2013-14 but they’re being pressured to back down from this important investment. Make sure they vote YES on dedicating $3 million of Gain Share funds to biking and walking projects on November 26th.




Washington County Board of Commissioners Meeting

Tuesday, November 26th

6:30 pm 155 N !st Ave

Hillsboro Shirley Huffman Auditorium



These funds will fix dangerous locations like the TV Highway, Murray Boulevard, and Scholls Ferry Road. They’ll enhance scenic trails like Rock Creek Trail and the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway. And they’ll improve traffic, health, and livability for all Washington County residents by making biking and walking safer for everyone.


Testify at the Board of Commissioners hearing on Tuesday, November 26th and tell them why you support spending $3 million on crucial biking and walking safety improvements. Can’t make it on the 26th? Send a short email asking the County Commissioners to support funding for bike and ped projects!


Email the County Commissioners.

Andy Duyck, Chair:

Dick Schouten, District 1:

Greg Malinowski, District 2:

Roy Rogers, District 3:

Bob Terry, District 4:  


Key points:

  • I support dedicating $3 million of Gain Share funds per year to bike & ped safety projects
  • Many Washington County routes are currently unsafe for all users but especially the most vulnerable users: cyclists and pedestrians
  • This funding will improve safety and reduce traffic for all Washington County residents because it will make big roads safer and great trails even better
  • Add in your reasons for supporting this!




What is Gain Share?

Washington County expects to receive more than $80 million of Gain Share funds over the next five years. Gain Share funds come from increased income taxes that are the result of jobs created or retained due to property tax exemptions in the county. This is discretionary funding that the Board of Commissioners can use as they see fit, and they decided to allocate $3 million each year for the next five years to bike and pedestrian safety projects like adding bike lanes, sidewalks, and signals to key roads. Let’s make sure they stick to their commitment to improve safety and mobility for all!


What projects will it fund?

The projects slated for funding in 2013-14 include lighting on the TV Highway from 185th-192nd, Rock Creek Trail Crossing at Cornell Rd, Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway Enhancements, path and sidewalk work on Scholls Ferry near McKay School, and sidewalks on 178th from the TV Highway to Johnson Rd. More are in the works for the next five years!



Lisa Frank, Advocate


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Comments (2)

  1. Rod Rice Permalink  | Nov 22, 2013 05:29pm

    I will be there, albeit as a Deputy County Administrator. As a BTA member, I am disappointed with the tone of the call to arms. Perhaps someone has better information than I do, but I have an informed seat at the table and am not aware of any efforts to derail the ped/bike projects. My take away is that someone has chosen a tack that has worked elsewhere.
    My suggestion is that BTA staff take the time to educate themselves on Washington County. We are not at critical mass, which presents an opportunity for thoughtful planning that embraces multi-modal transportation. I see BTA as a stakeholder; the thought that the first significant interaction between you and our Board would focus on something that the Board has clearly stated they intend to move forward would meet a challenge based on facts that may not be in evidence concerns me.
    Hopefully, all will go well. As a next step, I recommend that we sit down and get to know each other. We have five administrators; two of us are BTA members and you won’t find a stronger supporter than Commissioner Schouten (see your story on our putting a bike shelter on his parking spot which he and I share).
    Still waiting for my members card.

    Rod Rice
    Sr. Deputy County Administrator

  2. Lisa Frank Permalink  | Nov 27, 2013 12:58pm

    Thank you Rod for your advice! It is wonderful that the Board of Commissioners is taking the lead in supporting biking and walking projects; you can read our update following last night’s vote here:

    I look forward to meeting with you soon and to learning about how the BTA can be engaged and helpful in Washington County.