Live the Revolution Speaker Preview: Chris DiMinno

Live the Revolution is this Thursday! Jude Gerace of Sugar Wheel Works sat down with Chris DiMinno, another one of the speakers scheduled for this Thursday, to learn a bit more about how he first got on a bike. 

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Jude: When did you start riding a bike?
Chris: Like in life?

Jude: Yeah
Chris: I learned when I was 8. I was old.

Jude: Yeah…that is old. Why?
Chris: I don’t know. My parents didn’t have faith in my ability to balance.

Jude: Who helped you learn to ride a bike when you finally learned?
Chris: My brother Frank. No training wheels. I just got it then.

Jude: What’s your favorite bike to ride today?
Chris: I have a conflict of interest…I love my Cielo but I also love my Giant Faith bicycle.

Jude: If there was one piece of advice you could give your 10 year old self what would it be?
Chris: That’s tough. Put down the Twinkie, number one. Take the next six years with a grain of salt…it will get better!

Jude: What’s your favorite vice?
Chris: IPA Beer. In particular, Ninkasi.

To hear more about Chris DiMinno and his life on a bike, come to Live the Revolution on October 17!


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