Lessons Learned at the Safe Routes to School Conference


Riding by the capitol at sunset with Shane, on our way to plan a mobile workshop!

In August, a group of Walk+Bike Network-ers from Oregon made the trip down to sunny California for the National Safe Routes to School Conference. If you are working with Safe Routes to School or Walk+Bike in Oregon, I’d highly recommend planning ahead to attend this conference in 2015 or attending the Oregon Walk+Bike Summer Camp this summer (more details to come). These gatherings are a great way to get excited (or re-excitted) about getting kids and families to walk and bike!

Here are some lessons learned:

Shane Mac Rhodes, Eugene Safe Routes to School Coordinator: I went on a bike tour in Davis including the Davis Bike loop, it goes by 11 of their elementary schools. Really inspiring. I want to get more student engagement in Eugene and Oregon and to work more at the high school level.

Colette Ramirez-Maddox, Eugene Parks and Recreation Program Manager: I am most excited about youth engagement! I am looking to start more year round programming. We are working to get a PEP grant to engage high schoolers as mentors. I also learned some ideas for fundraising, crowd funding and capitol campaigns.

photo 4Ali Camp, Point to Point Solutions in Eugene: I learned about district policy and how policy can set the stage for programs and encouragement. I see many opportunities with school districts.

Tarah Campi, Oregon Cascades West Council of Government in Albany: I learned about collaborating with school boards. There is a great resource called Change Labs about integrating SRTS into district policy. I also learned about integrating SRTS into curricula.

LeeAnne Fergason, Education Director, BTA in Portland: I got excited about fundraising and capital campaigns. I also learned about other statewide networks and have a bunch of ideas to bring to ours. Mostly I am re-energized.

Team Oregon had a pretty good turn out at the conference and at the conference official (unofficial?) dance party organized by Portlanders Scott Bricker from Oregon Walks and Robert Ping from the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

The Walk+Bike Steering Committee’s goal is to re-energize YOU at next year’s Walk+Bike Summer Camp in Oregon. You won’t want to miss it. More details to come.


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