Kids at 250 schools will Walk+Bike on Oct 9th!

WalknBike-logoAre you ready for Walk+Bike to School Day on October 9th?

picIf you have not signed your school up at, you should stop what you are doing and do it NOW!  (*If you don’t have any kids in school or are not a part of a school community skip to the end of this post.)

We just reached our goal of 250 schools signed up (Way to go, Oregon!!). We have 10 more goodie boxes left. If you sign up by 9am tomorrow morning, there should be time to mail it to you before next Wednesday.

We know you are probably thinking, “I’m way too busy.” We know you’re probably right: you are busy! You need a vacation!

But check this out: exercising before school increases kids’ ability to concentrate and creating healthy habits now will set kids up for an entire life-time of daily exercise. You can help create a lifetime of improved concentration and health for your kids, just by signing up. Now that’s a good use of a couple minutes.

It’s super easy. Say thanks to the kids who already walk and ride to school. Others will join in.

Don’t forget to sign up at

*Alright DINKs and SINKs, here’s what you can do: Everyone’s invited to Live the Revolution on October 17th! Every beer you drink will go towards getting more kids walking and biking. This fun, bike-storytelling event is for all.



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