Foster Takes a Big Step Towards Safety

In 2007 we were told that bicycle lanes on SE Foster were not possible. At the beginning of the year, though, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance listed Foster as a prime candidate for cycletracks in our Blueprint for World Class Bicycling and began advocating for vital safety improvements. Direct, wide, diagonal, and destination-rich, it was an obvious choice for our Make Big Streets Safe campaign.

This week, the City of Portland proposed major safety improvements, including 6′ bike lanes, on Foster.

See what SE Foster looks like today on Google Maps.

It won’t be the physically-separated cycletrack that the Bicycle Transportation Alliance declared a top priority, but it is a big step in a safer direction. The proposed change will provide dedicated space for people biking, smoother traffic flow for people driving, and safer crossings for people walking.

We applaud the City of Portland for taking this step towards a safer SE Foster Rd. Allocating safe space in the roadway for people on bikes is important. In the coming years, we are eager to help secure funding to define that space with more than just a stripe of paint.


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