East County Policy Ride 2013

The Gresham-Fairview Trail, one of the 16 projects in our Blueprint for World-Class Bicycling, was a feature during September’s East County Policymakers ride. Forty guests rode an 8-mile route from Gresham Main City Park to Troutdale. Along the way they discussed new trails and facilities to be constructed in the near future, as well as those that are planned but are not yet funded. The ride was staffed by Katherine Kelly from the City of Gresham and staff from Gresham Chamber of Commerce.

Gresham Fairview Master plan

Although a majority of people were already familiar with the Gresham-Fairview trail project, it was exciting for me to ride the completed 3 mile trail for the first time.  Ultimately, the Gresham-Fairview Trail will connect two regional popular trails, the Springwater Trail and the 40 Mile Loop at Marine Drive.  Once it’s completed, people will be able to access a network of trails that connects them to the Columbia Slough, Fairview Creek, and the Columbia River.

During this ride we also learned that most of the trail has been completed, except for phase 4 and 5, Halsey Street along 201st Ave to Sandy Blvd and Sandy Blvd. to Marine Drive, which aren’t funded yet. Other exciting projects highlighted on the ride included the Sandy River to Springwater Trail and Historic Columbia River Highway to Troutdale Trail, both of which are new projects that don’t yet have funding identified. East County Policy Ride 2013

As a former resident of the Troutdale/Fairview area it was exciting to get back on a bike in familiar yet new surroundings.  It was especially exciting to ride over the new 177ft  bridge that provides safe passage over Powell Blvd which now provides a great view over Grant Butte and Mt Hood, hovering right over a high-traffic street! Other projects highlighted in the ride were the funded MAX path, a connection for bicycle and pedestrian traffic parallel to MAX tracks east of the trail.

These key connections will help people who live in the area and either want or need to ride to reach important destinations like neighboring communities, public transit stations, and local shops.


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