A Closer Look at Funding for Youth Programs in Ashland

Biking April 2012 577 (1)Rachel Dials is a fabulous BTA partner from Ashland and is the Recreation Superintendent for Ashland Parks and Recreation. She helped me put together a FAQ resource about programming and funding for youth bike and pedestrian programs. This is great advice for anyone who is looking to bring a bike safety education program to their school or community. Thanks, Rachel! -LAF

Briefly describe your walking and bicycling programs for youth.

We provide 10 hours of  Bicycle Safety Education to students during the school day, reaching 344 students annually.

It currently serves 4 out of 6 elementary schools and 1 middle school in Ashland. It is managed by the City of Ashland Parks and Recreation Department, which employs one instructor for the program.

List the funding streams that you had last year and the approximate percentage of costs that it covered.

It is funded by the annual Ashland Bike Swap and by the Ashland Transportation Commission annual contribution. Those two cover about 61% of the costs. The rest of the costs are absorbed by Ashland Parks and Recreation

If you listed any special events in 2, please provide a brief description (i.e. the Ashland Bike Swap, the Eugene Blackberry Bramble, etc)

Ashland Community Bike Swap: Held in April. Bikes are sold during this one day event and a percentage of the sales helps fund bicycle safety education (the program).

Any advice for new programs?

Have a really GOOD and motivated instructor like we do! Egon Dubois is someone who is a good “spokesman” for the importance of the program.

Thanks, Rachel and Egon, for all the work you are doing in Ashland to teach kids to bike safely! 


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