The Challenge is underway, and we’re giving out prizes!

TheBCC_Poster_smallAfter a beautiful holiday weekend of sunshine, college football and barbecues, thousands of Oregonians across the state began this very Tuesday morning with their first bike commute that will be logged for the BTA’s Bike Commute Challenge, the annual friendly competition between workplaces to see who can ride their bikes to work the most throughout the month of September. We’re excited to watch the numbers roll in; as of the end of Monday, you have already logged 1372 miles in 117 trips since the beginning of the month. That’s spectacular!

2013_atl_logo[1]To celebrate the proletariats among us who were riding their bike to work and logging both hours and bike commutes over the American holiday that celebrates the value and virtue of labor, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance held a quick prize drawing this morning for those who are already well underway with the Bike Commute Challenge.  Chrissy Bumbolo, Team Captain of the “Flying at Fox” team for the Elephants Deli in the Fox Tower in downtown Portland, won a $100 gift card to Northwest Portland’s Athlete’s Lounge for her nine-mile commute logged on the Bike Commute Challenge website this weekend. We also want to announce that James Eldridge,Team Captain of the Kroger Swan Island Dairy team, logged a forty mile bike trip this weekend, and is the winner of a set of bike lights courtesy of Portland Design Works.

Congrats, Chrissy and James! We’ll be getting a hold of you soon to get you your prizes.

Participating Bike Shops in OregonBy participating in the Bike Commute Challenge, you are eligible and in the running for numerous prize drawings that we will host throughout the month of September. In addition, there are 88 bike shops across the state of Oregon that will provide 10% off of parts and accessories through end of October if you are participating; all you need is proof (via smart phone or a printed copy of your travel log) that you have logged at least seven trips on the Bike Commute Challenge website. As if biking to work didn’t already make you healthier and happier, it’ll help you save some money on that new saddle bag you’ve been coveting, or the tune up your bike needs to help you finish the Bike Commute Challenge strong through the rest of the month. There’s also some fantastic prizes that will be awarded at our end-of-month party to those teams that win their categories.

If this all sounds like a lot of fun but you are bummed that you haven’t registered yet, never fear! It’s never to late to sign up. Head over to the Bike Commute Challenge website and get your team rolling! And consider becoming a member (or renewing your membership!) of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance while you’re at it.

Happy riding, and keep pushing yourself to #bikemore!



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