Guest Post: Commuting Posture Tips

Guest Post by Jacqueline Rubinstein

Congratulations on enjoying the Bike Commute Challenge! Yippee! September has been a great month!


My name is Jacqueline Rubinstein, and I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Based on the work I have done with my clients and my community, I have developed a few exercises specifically for bikers. These exercises work for any level biker and focus on your physical organization and movement when biking, in order to provide a safe, energy-efficient, and smooth ride!

One of the tricky things about biking posture is the rounding of your lower back, while arching your upper back and neck. It can feel a lot like craning your neck up in an uncomfortable way to make sure you can see all around you.


Although arching the top of your spine and rounding the bottom of your spine does ask a lot of you and take up the slack of your spine, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or leave you achy. The trick lies in the coordination of your whole self. Being aware of what your eyes, neck, shoulders, back, and pelvis are doing in this position will lead to ease and comfort.

That kind of awareness is a tricky thing to figure out on your own though, especially if you try to do it while biking! That’s why, with the help of others, I developed an exercise for you to investigate all the aspects of curving and arching your spine, while sitting in a chair. Beginning the investigation in a chair allows you to focus your attention without having to think about all the other things that go into biking.

This exercise is best done right before you head out on your bike, although it will help at any time you do it. It will not only improve your biking posture, but also your sitting posture in general =) Win-win!

It is just 9 minutes long. And although focusing your attention on yourself and your movement for those 9 minutes is an important aspect, most of the learning will occur subconsciously within your nervous system. This means that the exercise may spark some things to think about while biking, but for the most part the improvement will spontaneously happen once you start your bike commute!

This is a special gift to you for being part of the BTA Bike Commute Challenge! If you would like to receive another free exercise for bikers, please sign-up at my website. As the link suggests, this exercise focuses on safely and easily checking your blind spots while biking!

I would be very happy to hear what you think about this exercise and any thoughts, questions, or concerns you have about your body and biking!

To health and vitality,


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