Bike Commute Challenge Photo of the Day: Standing Stone Brewing Company


Few employers across the state have truly embraced the Bike Commute Challenge and the role that bicycles can play in defining your business to both employees and customers as fully as these folks in Ashland, who sent in today’s Bike Commute Challenge Photo of the Day. While some offices have hosted after-work happy hours and others provided libations-related-incentives to participants in the Bike Commute Challenge, only Standing Stone Brewing Company in Ashland has actually brewed their own specialty seasonal fall ale to commemorate their two-wheeled commuters (to our knowledge, of course). Debuting this September, the Commuter’s Gold Ale is described by the Brewing Company as keeping “…the flavor of summer alive with its light body, palate-refreshing finish and mild hoppiness.”

This year, Standing Stone has 32 people participating in the Bike Commute Challenge, and the company has a 14% bike commute rate while having logged over 350 miles. Standing Stone’s commitment to active transportation, however, extends far beyond the month of September. The brewery gained statewide attention in 2009 when the owners of the Brewery promised to buy a bicycle for every employee who promised to log 45 round trips commutes by bicycle. In four years, Standing Stone has purchase 57 bicycles for employees, many of which are pictured above, parked outside the Brewery for their Commute Challenge photo. Quoted in 2009, Standing Stone owner Alex Amartico remarked that “Companies spend thousands per employee on health care, why not spend $300 on a bike?”

Standing Stone concludes their recent blog post highlighting their participation in the Bike Commute Challenge by stating, “We think the physical, psychological and environmental benefits of commuting by bike make it the preferred method of transportation for our coworkers, so expect to see lots of us two-wheeling it to and from the brewpub and using the big, yellow bike rack out front.”

Thanks for sending in the photo, Standing Stone! We’ll be sure to swing by next time we’re in town. Best of luck in finishing out September strong (and don’t forget to log your trips this last week!)


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  1. Dan Permalink  | Sep 25, 2013 12:01pm

    I remember reading about the company bike provision. Rockin’ good progressive thinking! Paying off, too – 14% is on the right track.