Bike Commute Challenge Photo of the Day: Multnomah County Library


Regular readers of the Bike Commute Challenge blog know that we’ve been closely monitoring the standings between Nike and Intel’s Bike Commute Challenge teams, who have been waging a “Jocks Vs Nerds” in an effort to increase their biking rates this September.  While Washington County’s finest eggheads seem likely to coast to victory this September over their computer-chip wielding neighbors, Multnomah County’s own team of  nerds (these of the poetry, literature and dewey-decimal-system variety) have put together an unlikely but formidable Bike Commute Challenge team of lovable geeks just on the other side of the West Hills.

Today’s Bike Commute Challenge Photo of the Day comes to us from Shannon Long, a Programming Assistant at the Central Library and one of two team captains for the Multnomah County Library‘s impressively large Commute Challenge team of 130 riders. Shannon has recruited members from all nineteen buildings and the administration center of a library system that is familiar with putting up exemplary numbers and winning accolades for their accomplishments; as the Library’s website states, in 2012 “Library patrons…checked out and renewed more items than patrons of any other U.S. library serving fewer than one million residents — an average of about 33.4 items checked out or renewed for every man, woman and child in Multnomah County.”

The Library is counting their miles towards the Multnomah County’s overall squad, which is sixth overall (and third amongst public agencies) for their bike commute miles traveled this year. The County’s impressive performance has been bolstered by  some impressive work by Brenda Kemple-Richards over at the Lincoln Building team and John Wasiutynski, who captains the team across the river in the Multnomah Building. A total of 340 Multnomah County Employees are logging their trips this September.

Thanks for the photo, Shannon! We’re impressed by the Multnomah County Library’s 5142.16 miles this year, and for the record, the BTA would strongly consider bolstering your Bike Commute Challenge stats in exchange for providing some amnesty for a certain BCC Program Coordinator’s excruciatingly overdue library fees. 😉

Has your office or workplace taken a team photo yet? We’d love to see it!

Happy riding!


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