Bike Commute Challenge Photo of the Day: Jama Software

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As hearty Oregonians (and SW Washingtonians!), we’re more than accustomed to living in our Pacific Wonderland and accepting a little bit of rain in our lives. it should therefore come as no surprise that a little bit of liquid sunshine last week did nothing to dampen the spirits of the thousands of folks who have signed up to take the Bike Commute Challenge this September. In fact, many participants revel in the rainfall, using it as an opportunity to leapfrog many of their competitors in the standings (where does your BCC team stand?)

One such Bike Commute Challenge participant is Jama Software‘s Lance Poehler, who sends us the above photo, taken on his company’s annual “100% Bike to Work Day.” Lance writes:

“Jama hosted their 100% bike to work today (on the wettest day of the year to date no less).  To get to 100% we held tandem pick ups for inner SE.  This was the first time that Hang has biked to work!”

It’s one thing to use the Bike Commute Challenge as an opportunity to throw some friendly elbows to colleagues and encourage your coworkers to get on their bike; it’s another thing to show up at their house with a tandem to make sure that they don’t let the team down. Well done, Jama Software! Jama’s Bike Commute Challenge team has 51 riders, and as of last Friday, has logged 22.8% of the company’s trips by bicycle. Keep up the good work, Jama; hopefully Hang enjoyed the ride!

If you’ve got a photo of your commute, or something fun your office is doing for the Bike Commute Challenge, send ’em in! We’d love to feature you. Check out the rest of the photos of Jama’s packed indoor bike parking:

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Happy riding!


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