Bike Commute Challenge: Guest Post: Joel Arrives Bearing Gifts!

This afternoon’s blogpost comes to us once again from BTA Volunteer of the Year Joel Finkelstein, who has been delivering prizes won by Bike Commute Challenge participants by bicycle. So far, 28 people have won gift certificates, tune ups, rain jackets, coffee and bike helmets just for participating in the Bike Commute Challenge; will you be next? Joel interviewed two folks who won prizes last week and their stories are below; keep logging those trips through the end of the month and Joel just might be coming over to drop off your prize next. 
George Totonchy has been riding to work at PVS Instore Graphics since his first BCC in 2009. He originally started cycling in triathlons, and got his commuting inspiration because of the Commute Challenge. He told us he looks forward to it every year. George used the advice from knowledgeable workplace commuters on bike gear, route options, and mechanical issues to get started, and now dispenses a bit himself to newer riders. He has since successfully advocated in getting and a secured indoor bike room set up with bike hooks, tools, and a pump. George is single speed owner as well, having restored an older Hercules he now uses for his commute. He was super glad to be the winner of his Shower’s Pass Amsterdam jacket (thanks for the donation, Shower’s Pass!), and judging by the recent Portland weather, George will clearly be putting it to good use right away. Pictured above is George styling his new jacket, next to the two steads that carry him to work. Keep biking, George!


Paul Bourinskie crosses into Portland on the Interstate Bridge each morning during his commute to Swan Island for his job at Daimler Trucks North America. We’ve got some dedicated bike commuters working for the well known trucking company, and Paul is no exception. He’s converted a front suspension mountain bike into his full time commuter, and gets in sixteen miles a day. He showed us the bike; a mid-nineties Cannondale, a beast of a commuter for certain. Paul’s miles have helped contribute to Daimler’s impressive rise to near the top of the Bike Commute Challenge standings, as have the 45 (a BCC record!) new riders that are bike commuting for the first time this fall. Daimler’s built an impressive bike parking space for their team, and will no doubt be incorporating stellar bike commuter amenities in their expansion plans on Swan Island. Paul looks forward to the added convenience of using his new Columbia Manifest backpack on rides – both on bike lanes, and out on the trail on weekends.
Thanks, Joel, for delivering the prizes, and congratulations to Paul and George! Will you be a winner next week? Keep logging those miles on the Bike Commute Challenge and you might be next!


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