BCC Photos of the Day: Because it’s Friday, Photos of Cute Dogs. And Bicycles.

Happy soggy Friday, Bike Commute Challenge participants! There’s some serious rainstorms expected to hit the Willamette Valley this weekend (enough so to cancel Sunday Parkways in SW Portland ), but I can’t think of a better opportunity to jump ahead of your rivals right at the finish line of the Bike Commute Challenge than logging some miles before the end of the month. Make sure you and your team finish September strong; you’ve got until 11:59pm on October 2 to log your trips on the Bike Commute Challenge website. Please note that if you haven’t yet signed up for the Commute Challenge but would like to retroactively log your trips from the past month, we’d love to have you on board! Our Bike Commute Challenge trip logger page will continue to stay alive year-round, so you and your coworkers are welcome to continue with your own personal intra-office Commute Challenge through the end of the year.

With all that out of the way, let’s look at all of the photos of adorable dogs on bicycles that have been sent in this month. 


First up! Matthew Arnold of the (very formidable, well-organized) SERA Architects Bike Commute Challenge team sent in this photo taken on the Portland Waterfront. As of Friday, SERA’s BCC team has 10 riders who have taken every trip to work this month on a bicycle; the architecture firm is right in the thick of the race to finish first and claim the highly-coveted Belluschi Cup, a contest between eight local architecture firms.


PECI Employee Emily Kemper sent this in photo of her participating in the Bike Commute Challenge with Luna, her canine partner in crime. PECI, a nonprofit focused on energy efficiency, has been demonstrating their commitment to climate-friendly transportation with an avid BCC team this September; their team of 122 PECI employees includes 8 first time bike commuters (9 if you include Luna.)


Ian Bonham of the Friends of Trees BCC team sent in this photo he took while commuting to his Vancouver office last week. Ian’s been bike commuting from his home in North Portland across the bridge to Vancouver this September; he’s participating this year and currenting winning his challenge against his friend and fellow Portland-to-Vancouver commuter Haley Miller, who rides for the Washington Trails Association. Haley and Ian’s showdown was featured on our 2013 Bike Commute Challenge video, and are two of hundreds who work in Southwest Washington who have been logging trips this year.


Finally, Talia Kahn-Kravis of the Innovative Changes team sends in this photo of a four-legged friend taking a spin in a bike trailer. Innovative Changes, a nonprofit that helps with asset-management and financial assistance to low-income families and individuals, has been absolutely rocking it with the Bike Commute Challenge this September; the organization is currently boasting a 61.4% commute rate.

Hope these photos of pooches on wheels inspires you to ride your bike to work next Monday and finish the Bike Commute Challenge on a strong note! We just logged our millionth mile this Friday morning; please keep doing what you can to encourage your coworkers to log their trips and #bikemore.


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